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Custody Evaluator Describes Sadia as
'Volatile' and 'Out of Control'

The quotes below are from a custody evaluation (7/20/92) conducted by clinical psychologist Thomas J. Reidy for the Superior Court of Monterey County. To read the document in its entirety, click here.

Custody Evaluator: Sadia Unstable, 'Volatile,' 'Out of Control'

"I have considerable doubts about Mrs. Loeliger's overall stability based on volatile behavior described by others. Judge Phillips obviously believed witnesses testifying at the hearing in May, 1991, which described her as being out of control. He felt that Mrs. Loeliger was truly interfering with visitation and making every effort to thwart Dr. Loeliger's contact with his daughter because of her animosity and hatred. I can see no good reason to believe that Mrs. Loeliger's state of mind has changed in any fashion..."

Custody Evaluator: Sadia Incapable of 'Exercising Good Judgment', 'Consumed with Anger and Animosity'

"Dr. Loeliger [Scott] is the more stable of the two individuals and the parent most likely to share Fatima in a reasonable fashion. Mrs. Loeliger [Sadia] is so consumed with anger and animosity toward Dr. Loeliger [Scott] that I do not believe her to be capable of exercising good judgment in matters involving Dr. Loeliger or his visitation with the child."

Custody Evaluator: Scott Loeliger More Reasonable, Restrained than Sadia

"While I do not believe that Dr. Loeliger [Scott] has been completely blameless in this ongoing dispute, it is my distinct impression that he is more willing and able to exercise some restraint and compromise. There is a marked difference between his coping ability and that of Mrs. Loeliger [Sadia]...Dr. Loeliger has made every effort to adjust his work hours in orders to maximize time with Fatima."



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