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Judge King Describes Sadia's Alienation Campaign,
Predicts She Will Destroy Fatima's Bond with Her Dad

The quotes below are from the Superior Court Judge Edward J. King, III from the Statement of Decision (2/11/03) in re the marriage of Scott Loeliger vs. Sadia Ali-Loeliger. The Juvenile Court removed Fatima from her mother's home in 1998 after determining that Sadia was an abusive mother. In this statement King makes numerous references to the physical abuse committed by Sadia. Fatima lived in her father's home for 5 years after surviving her time in her mother's home.

Despite the abuse, Sadia was eventually permitted unsupervised visitors with Fatima. Here King refers to the mothers' devastating parental alienation campaign and her ability to quickly "destroy" the relationship between Fatima and her father. To read the document in its entirety, click here.

Judge King: After Unsupervised Visitation Mom Quickly Destroys Relationship Between Fatima and the Father Who Raised Her

"The minor's attitude change toward her dad and step mom was fueled by her mom's recent involvement in the minor's life--i.e. unsupervised visitation. Based on the evidence, the Court finds that the mom manipulated the minor's attitude toward her dad and undermined the relationship they had developed over a three-year period. In fact, the mom destroyed that relationship in less than six months...[for Fatima] to simply strike out at dad and step mom after a harmonious relationship for three years is not reasonable. Considering the mom's conduct throughout the history of this case, it is no a coincidence that the minor's behavior toward her dad and step mom drastically changed after Respondent had unsupervised visitation."

Judge King's Prescient Prediction: As Soon as Unsupervised Visits Resume, There Will be a Complete Breakdown in the Relationship Between Dad and Fatima.

"The mother's track record over an 11-year period suggests that, as soon as unsupervised visits resume, there will be a complete breakdown in the relationship between the dad and the minor [Fatima]. The dad can only hope that the minor will soon be old enough to recognize the mom's manipulative behavior."

Judge Refers to Sadia's Physical Abuse of the Minor

"The mother clearly will not admit the prior findings of the court relative to physical abuse. Perhaps, the passage of time has convinced her it never happened. However, this Court is not that naive...mom's refusal to deal with the abuse, both as to herself and as to the minor, is a major factor in the Court denying her request for custody."

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Dad Accommodates Mom's Wishes

"The dad...gradually expanded visitation. Once the mom had the minor's undivided attention, the tables turned on the dad."



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