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Child Abuse Investigator Says Sadia Beats,
 Hits, Abuses Her Children

Fatima is Afraid of Her Mother, Wants to Live With Her Father

The quotes below are from a 5/4/97 letter by a child abuse investigator for Tehama County. To read the document in its entirety, click here.

"On 5/4/97 I received a report that Fatima Loeliger [then age 8] was afraid to return to her mother's home. I interviewed her at the Tehama County Sheriff's department at 3:30 PM on 5/4/97. The following is substantially what she told me."

"Fatima says she is afraid to go home because she fears being hit again. She also expressed concern for the two other female minors in her mother's residence."

"Fatima reports that over the last two months she has been hit with her mother's shoe which left bruises on her arms. A wire hanger also left brown marks on her arms or hands and her mother has hit her with open hand."

"Fatima also states that her mother routinely tells her 'you are stupid like your father'...her mother also calls her a "bitch " and yells a lot."

"Fatima reports that her cousin is hit with both an open hand and a closed fist which has left bruises and scars."

"I asked Fatima where she would live if she could choose. She said she would live with dad because he spends time with her and does things with her. Her mother is almost never home and when she is she is mad...she also appeared genuinely fearful of returning to her mother's care."



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